What ad platforms does Ad-Pure optimize?

AD-Pure currently works on the optimization of mainly three advertising platforms namely Google Ad Words,Mail Chimp and Facebook.We have different actions for each advertising platform and these actions optimize each one of them in a different manner.

For Google Ad Words, we define two actions namely the Budget Modifier and the Bid Modifier. Our customers choose different triggers on our platform and based on these triggers, the actions-Bid Modifier and Budget Modifier (as set by our customers). These actions help you modify the bids of your Ads on Google, based on certain parameters. For instance, you want your ad to hold a higher bid when it is raining. You can set the bid modifier to a higher bid and the trigger to ‘Rain’. Once rain triggers, the bid will be uplifted for you through our automated platform.

For Mail Chimp, we define two actions namely:Send Email and Do Not Send Email. The Send Email action sends emails when the triggers set by you are initiated. The Do Not Send Email action does not send emails when the triggers set by you are initiated.


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